Colección: SLR film camera

These cameras are the analog equivalent of the DSLR. It has the same internal mirror mechanism that allows you to look straight through the lens and see a near-exact approximation of what the image will look like. SLR camera also allow you to swap lenses, enabling you to exert greater control over your shots.

One of the primary benefits of using an SLR for film camera photography is that most camera manufacturers design the lenses for SLRs and DSLRs to be interchangeable (to a point). For that reason, many photographers who begin with one brand of SLR tend to stay with that brand when upgrading to a DSLR, or vice versa.

SLR cameras use 35mm film, which is very common and easy to find. Whether you prefer color film or black-and-white, you’ll have plenty of film options for your SLR. In fact, it’s often easier to find film for a 35mm camera today than it is to find a newly manufactured SLR.

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