About us

TheBlindFrame is run by a couple who are passionate about photography and have been together for about 15 years.
I, Angelo, am the photographer, passionate about analogue photography. I deal with the repair and evaluation of cameras and with the creation of all the products that you will find on the page. "The Blind Frame" comes from the fact that I'm colorblind and therefore have a very personal conception of colors. The term was invented by Nancy, the other half of this project.
I, Nancy, am in charge of the marketing and practical management of the products. I take care of the orders and shipments.

TheBlindFrame is managed in our spare time, so it's the result of a lot of hard work and dedication for our little reality so we hope you appreciate and support us to keep this community alive.

TheBlindFrame offers:
Sale of analogue cameras
framed photos
photo shoots

Thank you,
for any question or curiosity, please contact us.
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